Total Yoga Mastery – Yoga For Beginners




Total Yoga Mastery – Yoga For Beginners

With the advent of holistic therapies, we have observed a sharp increase in people joining yoga studios
and learning about it. Yoga is easy to learn, not expensive to practice, doesn’t require large spaces or
heavy equipment and can be practiced at home.

This short book entails all I have learned about yoga: its history and its effects on the body.

What You Will Discover In This Book:

Chapter 1: All You Need To Know About Yoga
Chapter 2: Know Your Body
Chapter 3: Yoga Equipment- What You Need To Begin
Chapter 4: Do’s and Don’ts Of Practicing Yoga
Chapter 5: Avoiding Yoga Injuries
Chapter 6: Yoga Asanas for Beginners
Chapter 7: Proper warm up exercises and beginner yoga routine
Chapter 8: Restorative Yoga – stay stress free and energized
Chapter 9: Yoga Diet and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
Chapter 10: 11 Types of Yoga You Can Benefit From
Chapter 11: Taking Your Yoga Practice Further


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