Booze Basher




Booze Basher – Transformational Tools For Battling Booze Binges And Staying Alcohol-Free

Booze dependency is something that can’t be formed in simple terms. Booze dependency in general refers to the condition that’s an obsession to continue drinking even if it harms health. Alcohol addiction means you don’t have any control over intake despite being well aware of the damaging consequences. An alcoholic person drinks even if he happens to get into booze related troubles like drunk driving, losing his job, and so forth.

What You Will Discover In This Book:

  • Introduction To Your New Life
  • Basics To Breaking Old Habits
  • Nutritional Tips For Conquering Alcohol Cravings
  • Meditation versus Medication
  • Affirmations For Alcohol Abstinence
  • Healthy Habits For A Better Life


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