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Note: This is a package of 10 online training courses.

Here Are Your 10 Health & Wellness, Life Changing, Training Courses:

1. Breathe! – Using breathing to enhance your whole life. Chapters Include: Powerful Breathing Techniques, Cognitive Biases, Fight or Flight Response, Foods, Medications, Avoid Panic Attacks, Intro to Meditation, and much more.

2. Personal Transformation – A complete 10-part Home study Course To Transform Your Life And Become A Better You.  Chapters Include: How To Get And Stay Motivated, End Procrastination, Overcoming Fear, Self-Confidence Boost, A Healthier You, How To Develop Powerful Habits, How To Create a Meaningful Life, Master Your Brain, Goal Setting Made Simple,  & Clear The Mind. Wow! This is awesome information!

3. Goal Setting – Chapters Include: Setting Goals, Power Of Visualization, Prioritize Your Goals, Staying Committed, Accountability & The Help Of Others. Lifestyle Transition, The Power Of Reading, Stay Motivated During Discouragement, Making Your Action Plan, and much more.

4. Total Yoga Mastery For Beginners – Chapters Include: All You Need To Know About Yoga, Know Your Body, Yoga Equipment- What You Need To Begin, Do’s and Don’ts Of Practicing Yoga, Avoiding Yoga Injuries, Yoga Asanas for Beginners, Proper warm up exercises and beginner yoga routine, Restorative Yoga – stay stress free and energized, Yoga Diet and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), 11 Types of Yoga You Can Benefit From, Taking Your Yoga Practice Further

5. Kundalini Yoga – What is Kundalini Yoga, Yoga for The Middle-Aged, The Chakras, How-To Sit & Breath, Mantras & Chanting, Mudras (Hand Movements), Easy Kriya For Energy Moving, How To Balance The Chakras & More.

6. Running Manual – Your Total Guide For Running To Improve Your Fitness, Lose Weight, And Increase Mental Strength. How To Lose Weight With Running, Health Benefits, Clothes & Shoes, Correct Running Techniques, Marathon Training, Advanced Techniques, and Much More.

7. Massage As Medicine – Chapters Include: What is massage therapy? Popular Forms Of Massage, The Benefits Of Massage, Medical Conditions Helped By Massage, Improved Athletic Performance & Recovery, Mental & Emotional Health Benefits, Pain Conditions Helped By Massage, Massage Is A Low-Risk Treatment. And Much More.

8. Lucid Dreaming – Lucid Dreaming And It’s Benefits For Your Life, How To Be in Control Of Your Dreams And Life, How-To Use Lucid Dreaming For A Better All Around Life.

9. Essential Oils – For health and wellness – Questions & Answers About Essential Oils, And More.

10. Essential Oils Holiday Edition – Holiday Essential Oils, Diffuser Blends, & Skincare Recipes


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